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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tales From The Front Desk “The Angry Continental Breakfast Lady”

Working in the hotel business you come across vile, crude, and rude people all the time, but Suzanna was a unique one because she worked in a hotel herself!  It start off bad with Suzanna, a heavy set Hispanic woman with a somewhat masculine face and hair pulled back.  We chatted about The Holiday Inn she works at in Arizona, but things started turning south when she called down to the desk to notify me that she was put in the wrong room type.

I found Suzanna a ready two queen room and switched her in the reservation system.  I happened to be on her floor looking for a housekeeper when she started yelling at me about the way the doors were constructed in the building.  She didn’t like that they are weighted, and fall shut on their own.  “This is ridiculous, Augustus help her, don’t just stand there! What was that look for?”

“I didn’t give you a look.”

“Yes you did.”

“Mom don’t.” Her daughter, pushing a baby stroller interjected.

“I’m sorry!” I said.

“You saying sorry is getting old, I’m going to need some kind of compensation.  When is the manager in?  I don’t like how we’ve been treated.”

“I’m sorry!  No really I’m sorry!” I pleaded.  So far I hadn’t lost my temper with a guest at this new hotel, and I was doing a remarkable job in this situation, but it seemed like she was going complain regardlessly.

“Mom he is trying to serve,” her daughter spoke up again.

The next day Suzanna had calmed down, but I was so astonished by her unprovoked bad behavior that I wanted to find out how long she could possibly have worked at that Holiday Inn.  She seemed to have no empathy for hotel workers.  I asked, and she told me six years of working the continental breakfast.  Then she inquired about getting her stay for free again.

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