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Thursday, August 9, 2018

Sometimes Local Car Services Are a Cheaper Way To Get From The Airport To Your Hotel Than Uber Or Lyft

One of the most difficult elements of travel is just getting from the airport of the city you've flown into to your hotel. Much of this is due to city infrastructure. Cities that have airports either downtown or close to downtown are almost always easier to navigate, and find transportation than airports that seem solar systems away. Airports that act as international hubs tend to be further from the city center than other airports. Two of the problematic ones are Miami and Denver. Denver, where I live, is the home of Denver International Airport, which is about 45 minutes from downtown. Until recently, there wasn't even a train that went to DIA. We all know that the greed of cab companies, greediness of cab drivers, and inefficiency of the industry has led us to businesses like Lyft and Uber. But yes, there is another way. Many local Town Car drivers offer flat rates to and from the airport that are deliberately meant to undercut the cab companies. The problem for them is that Uber and Lyft undercut the cab companies, but this in turn helps you, the customer. Because Uber and Lyft are consuming the industry, many private car services are dropping their rates, you just have to look around. Denver has a great one called ProRide Service. If you happen to be traveling to Denver, look him up. The number is 303-870-8000. He charges an astonishingly low $50 one way transport to or from the airport.

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