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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Hampton by Hilton London Waterloo

I've been wanting to travel to London, and this looks like a great spot.  Again, you're in London, how can you complain?  Let's take a look at what people have said about it.

a month ago

Problems with hot water for shower (i.e. cold - a "slight technical issue" for whole building), television not tuned properly and breakfast without full compliment of items. Bedding not changed daily and bathroom not always restocked adequately. 2 out of 3 lifts for the whole building out of service for 3+ days!

Some very good reception staff but others failed to apologise sufficiently for these basic problems. Management don't seem to care.

Not worth what they are charging for rooms. By the way, only floors 1-3 are for their 'basic' queen room guests, it would seem.

That's the number one thing to remember in the hotel business. Just tell them you're sorry. That's all I do is say sorry.

4 months ago

Hampton by Hilton London Waterloo is a bright modern, comfortable hotel with friendly, efficient staff.

The foyer has a relaxed lounge feeling with a 60s/70s inspired modern lounge that is great for all guests. The onsite bar and restaurant are quite busy and provide a reasonable service throughout the day.

The rooms are well appointed, although I feel they should be more spacious to make them more comfortable.

No on street parking available throughout the day.
Roel van der Duin
3 months ago

Modern and comfortable hotel. Everything looks very new and fresh. WiFi works great too. What more could you wish for? Some more healthy choices for the breakfast perhaps, but overall very nice hotel.

9 months ago

Terribly managed property. It was reflective in a very unsatisfactory stay. Not recommended.

Most people gave the place at least four stars.

This Hampton is less than two miles from Buckingham


Hamptons in England have bars, that's a major plus.

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