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Monday, May 2, 2016

DoubleTree By Hilton Hotel Downtown San Diego

We stayed here last May.  We will be staying there again this May.  One of the great points about this facility is it's a high rise building.  The west facing rooms have spectacular views of North San Diego Bay.  I'm sure the south facing views have amazing views as well, but I didn't have that vantage point.  The hotel is centrally located, and it's very easy to walk to the gaslamp quarter, Waterfront Park, etc.  I was able to get drunk in the bar, there were some sailors around.  Now let's see what some people said.

Gabriel Crespin
3 weeks ago
Absolutely dissatisfied 100%! After stay in the place 14 days within a 3 week period. I booked a room using my hilton honors points. While booking I let the agent know I didn't not have a card to cover for the nights I would have been staying she told me it was ok and over and over again I asked to clarify and had her notate my account. While getting to hotel to check in thy keep treating me like I didn't belong there something changed from last time I had stayed there and I had to of the front desk staff 1 ugly trailer crash looking white girl and the other was a fat Hispanic Dude that looked like he didn't quite know if he was a male or female. Had me confused myself. Anyways they keep talking looking and me a making lil smirks at me. They give me a room key I go up to room unpack and manager Roy calls me to tell me I need a card with funds for my 3 night stay. After explaining my situation and telling him I had nowhere else to go. He sounded as if he could careLessard showed no concern whatsoever. I then tell him I'll look for a card and ill beffects calling to keep him update. Then the trashy front desk people call me again to tell me I needed to be out the room or they will call the police to have me escorted out of room. Never in my life have I been treated like this especially after spending over $6000 with this hotel. I will absolutely NEVER recommend this place as I have before and will be directing my experience to the highest authority outside of this hotel location. If your not spending cash they will treat u like trash. I can't believe how rude and horrible I was treated. NEVER AGAIN IN MY LIFE WILL I EVER RECOMMEND ANY DOUBLETREE HOTEL!!!!!!!

Gabriel, you have to pay for your room, It's not a homeless shelter. Were you able to pay upfront with cash? Many hotels will let you do this. You almost always have to have a card for incidentals however.

I'm shocked that the front desk would prejudge you like this. Are you a member of the bar? Is your name usually followed by Esquire? Or are you a medical practitioner?

Gabriel had another stay in La Jolla recently. Let's take a look at what he said about that experience. dd

La Jolla Inn
1110 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037
Stayed there 2 months ago and as soon as we walk in the front desk girl a chubby white chic to describe her becasue I don't even remember the rude little girls name. Walk through the door as a late check in and the girl states immediately we don't have no rooms! Not even a hello or welcome. Then say we have a reservation and the girls tells us that there no expecting any more guest. After I give her confirmation number and then she say OK here your key and I will be leaving at 11 which was in 10mins. Making sure to let us know she is in a rush when its says they close at 12 so I guess thy come and go whenever they please. Check in and go unload car with luggage's and bags as I get to front door I'm struggling to open door and the front desk girl just sits at her like a big ol slob and doesn't make a move to even help open the door. I end up dropping my bags pick them up and put them in my room and leave the hotel to not see her face again and tell her off. Before leaving to cool off stop and the little store in hotel and shelves are empty whatever I do find is ridiculously priced. Rest of the night was ruined by the mood front desk girl have us at check in. Next morning I check out even before check out time to get out of this hotel. Never dealt with such ugly and rude hotel employees with horrible customer service.

The word "ugly" seems to be a common theme in your posts.  It's not becoming to insult a person based on his or her personal experience.  I know you're a regular Taylor Lautner.  Is that a tattoo on your neck?

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