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Saturday, April 30, 2016

The Wynn Las Vegas

The Wynn is as good as good as it gets.  The idea that anyone would rate it lower than five stars is absurd.  This hotel is the very best of Las Vegas.  It's elegant, beautiful, fun, and entertaining.  One of the most interesting elements is the fact that cigarette smoke flows in the casino area.

a month ago
Room was brilliant. Can't complain but demotivated to rave about how awesome the room is.

That said, a room is pretty much useless if it's noisy. If you get a room facing the golf course, you are also facing the clubs which blast music so loud that you can hear them on the 52nd floor. Hard to sleep at ~2 when it is that loud.

When we requested a quiet room, you would have thought they would put us on the other side of the building. Front desk seemed to be unaware about this noise occurrence and sadly so were we.

Still better than Baghdad though, right?
Michelle Goodall
a month ago
The casino was fantastic. Everything was super clean and elegant. We did want to stop at the parasol lounge for a few cocktails before we saw la rave. Our waitress was awful!! She gave us napkins and then we didn't see her again until after our husbands went to the bar (after waiting nearly twenty minutes) the girl had a literal meltdown. Was pointing us out to the other wait staff, complained we didn't have on proper attire. Which we did. And then never came back to as us if we wanted another drink.
We visit Vegas several times a year. We will probably visit the casino again but we will never go back to that lounge again

Michelle, you would have to live with Donald Trump himself to have better surroundings.
Josh VanMeter
3 months ago
I visited for work, and had never been to Las Vegas before so didn't know what to expect. I'd also never stayed in a five-star hotel. I was completely blown away by the absolute luxury that permeates through every wall of the hotel. The level of service and attention to detail in every aspect of both the rooms and the convention space was nothing short of amazing.

Everything at the Wynn went off without a hitch and I kept finding myself pleasantly surprised by the service and amenities at every turn. Whether you're visiting for vacation or for work, the Wynn is your best bet.

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