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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Motel 6 Greenwood Village

   Here's a great review of Motel 6
Greenwood Village, CO.  I used to work here!!
Kristen Pitts

Kristen Pitts
a year ago
First and foremost - there are notell motels on E. Colfax I would of felt better paying for. I paid almost $80, $3 of that was for wi-fi that did not work. The room was dirty. I refused to take off my shoes there. The tub scared me. I refused to use the ice bucket because of strange green goo. We stayed in there "modern" two queen room on the first floor. There were dead bugs in the corner. We figured, stay there - its in the Tech Center, save a couple bucks over the $100 room next door. Wish I paid the $100 bucks. There were prostitutes going in and out all night. My 14 year old even asked why there were hookers in the motel. There were drug deals. Cops were casing it all night. Actually ended up in the lobby to interview people several times. My husband was approached and propositioned by a hooker when he went outside to smoke. You know - I am sure prostitution and escorts happen at other places but my word - at least they keep it discreet. It seriously was like driving down Colfax and having a skantily claded girl walk up to your car saying, "heeeey baby." while leaning into your window here at this DTC Motel 6. Did I say DTC? Yes, freaking DTC.When I kept saying my Wi-fi access code I paid for wasn't working, all i got was - oh we will reset the router. NOT ONCE did I get access. I had to go sit at a McDonalds for free wi-fi so I could find another DECENT place for the same amount of money the following night. Which I did a couple blocks down. Like I said, I could of paid $40 on E. Colfax and had the same experience. But atleast then I would of only spend $40 rather than $80. If you want overpriced no-tell motel with hookers and blow, well this is the place. A cardboard box is nicer. This was the most disgusting experience and felt i needed a hazmat suit to be inside the rooms. Freaking disgusting.

Sounds like this place was the pitts!

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